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Rising Tide Member Stacey Leong Design celebrates 20 years of business

Rising Tide Member Stacey Leong Design celebrates 20 years of business

Stacey Leong Design, a local business owned and operated by Stacey Leong and Karyn Yasui Lau, is celebrating 20 years of business! Founded in 2003, Stacey Leong Design has been providing quality graphic design services to businesses and individuals for two decades. 

Over the past twenty years, Stacey Leong Design has become an industry leader in web and graphic design services. Stacey's team of design professionals have helped hundreds of clients create unforgettable website and graphic experiences through their unique designs. They specialize in providing custom solutions tailored to each client’s individual needs.

In addition to web and graphic design services, Stacey Leong Design also offers branding and marketing services to help companies establish a strong presence. With the help of her expert team, Stacey has been able to make her mark by helping businesses grow their footprint and increase their visibility across multiple platforms.

SLD Calendar CoverPhoto: "20 in 23" promotional calendar cover

Being in business for such a long time is an incredible accomplishment, especially since Stacey started her own business from the ground up. Since then, Stacey has achieved great success. She has worked with many clients to create beautiful graphic elements that reflect their services and values. In addition to this, she consults with many clients on graphic design projects, from restaurants and retail stores to non-profits and state agencies. Her knack for creating perfect harmony between color and texture makes her work truly special and sought after by many.

What's more impressive is that Stacey is a graduate of WE by Rising Tide – a mentorship program for female entrepreneurs – which helped give her the boost she needed to become even more successful. Having been through the program herself, she now works with them to mentor other female entrepreneurs who are looking to make waves in their respective industries.
Stacey's commitment to excellence is evident in all aspects of her business – from her exceptional customer service to her creative approach. It’s no wonder that she has been a successful entrepreneur for two decades!

We congratulate Stacey and the entire Stacey Leong Design team on reaching this 20-year milestone and wish them many more years of continued success!

Stacey and Jacie Photo: Stacey and Jacie at the AAF Pele Award Show
Stacey and Kyle PhotoshootPhoto: Stacey with photographer Kyle Rothenborg at a photoshoot
Stacey Robert AmosPhoto: Stacy with Robert Cazimero, Amos Kotomori and assistant Kaleopa'a on film set



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